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5 months in!

Layla has been a tripawd for 5 months now. She is sporting her new harness from the Kaiserin Pet Cancer Care Package that she received!  So far, her bloodwork has looked great!  We stopped at this backdrop on the way home from her appointment today! #staypawsitive! #tripawdsfoundation #lifeofLayladog

Learning from the Road

Layla continues to thrive as a new tripawd. She still has strength, energy, appetite and love! We have traveled to Arizona. A few weeks before heading south, my daughter suggested we get the dogs used to boots. Excellent advice! Being so concerned that most of Layla’s weight is carried on her single front leg and then taking her onto the grounds (which I’ve been told is about 150 f to the touch) is just irresponsible and unacceptable.

I was concerned about stopping at our favorite dog park in Albuquerque, especially on a weekend day. We stopped, and it was unusually not crowded. To my surprise, after 15-20 minutes, Layla ran to the gate to let us know that she was done. Usually, it’s like trying to get a small child to leave the best amusement park ever! We typically are there up to an hour. The dogs all wanted to play. I’ve found that people are either very interested in WHY your pet is a tripawd or they are judgemental…something I’ve been very used, having a son who was born with a club foot- in a cast for most of his first 2 years. Now he is a resilient adult because of it!

The desert Layla tripawd dogheat has definitely made her more tired. She got out the front door last week and I’m so thankful she didn’t head to the really busy road!We got her back safe right away after a short run.

Three Paw Power!

Before Layla’s  surgery, I researched and spoke to many people that had been in the same situation. I was amazed at how others told me that their tripod recovered so quickly and got back to their normal activities. Layla is no exception. I now often comment that “someone forgot to tell her she only has three legs!” She pulls on her leash as though she has eight legs. She has returned to fluffing the blankets on my bed and digging the dirt in the flower bed and covering herself with mud. I think the mud bath makes her feel good, and to think we go to the spa and pay hundreds of dollars to do so as humans! She is so beautiful and I’m proud of her resilience!

Our girl started chemoapy three weeks ago. Because we will be road tripping, she is taking chemo through pills. Her blood work has come back excellent and she has not had any side effects.  Just a little extra sleepy on chemo days…or maybe it’s just the hot dog days of summer!

Last weekend we attended an event at Petsmart called Summer Squad. They had employees available for a 10 minute 1:1 appointments to discuss summer fun activities, help with fitting of harnesses and other gear that your dog would need for summer. I found it a great opportunity to bring Layla and make sure that her harness was fitted correctly for her situation. I also got great advice about how to use the seatbelts and harnesses to latch her in the truck for our road trip. we also were able to get her sized correctly for booties which she will need in the hot heat of Arizona. If your local Petsmart is holding these events, I highly recommend attending if you are unsure of the harness fitting for your tripod pet. I had been frustrated that the harness kept sliding to the side because she doesn’t have the one front leg. It still does, but not to the extent that it was before being correctly fitted. Traveling in the car is stressful as it is. She still has not figured out her balance without me riding in the backseat with her. I still would like to start a motion that disabled dogs are allowed to ride with their Service Human in a seat on an airplane.

I have had fun making Layla and I shirts and new bumper stickers for my car. I will try to post the photos on this post.

Pretty girl!
I’m so pretty!



Upgrade to a Body Sock-Week One After Surgery

I’ve done a lot of research,asked a lot of questions. All has certainly helped for the first rough days after surgery. Layla is doing so great this week! I even had to make her a rain coat out of a trash bag for the snowfall today! You’d think she was going to a Def Leppard concert at Red Rocks in May! She had a bandage change appointment Tuesday, and walked away in a body sock instead! Vet was very happy with her healing!

Layla and I have always had deep conversations. My mom has reminded me to keep talking to Layla about her diagnosis and encouraging her. I truly think it makes a huge difference! Staples come out Thursday!

Home From Surgery

There are just some things that you cannot fully prepare for. I picked my girl up this morning to bring her home. They said she had a great night. She came out of surgery a bit freaked out that her leg was gone- understandable! I feel like I’ve been sent home with a newborn with no preparation or warning, even though I’ve been preparing for this from the initial diagnosis to now. I’m up for this challenge. I will give this dog, this love of my life, everything I can to make her life loved, fun, purposeful. And in order to do so, I’m going have to step up my strength training so that I can be her missing leg for her! I know that we’ll get the hang of this, and we’re going to learn it together! In the meantime, we’re just going to snuggle every minute we’ve got together!

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