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Home From Surgery

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There are just some things that you cannot fully prepare for. I picked my girl up this morning to bring her home. They said she had a great night. She came out of surgery a bit freaked out that her leg was gone- understandable! I feel like I’ve been sent home with a newborn with no preparation or warning, even though I’ve been preparing for this from the initial diagnosis to now. I’m up for this challenge. I will give this dog, this love of my life, everything I can to make her life loved, fun, purposeful. And in order to do so, I’m going have to step up my strength training so that I can be her missing leg for her! I know that we’ll get the hang of this, and we’re going to learn it together! In the meantime, we’re just going to snuggle every minute we’ve got together!

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3 thoughts on “Home From Surgery”

  1. YAY! Surgery is over and the band is back together! That’s awesome. Your strength and pawsitivity will go a long, long way. Knowledge is power! And that’s what will give you the strength you didn’t know you had to be her missing leg (love that phrase!).

    Let us know if we can do anything to support you in the coming weeks. We are here for you and Layla.

    1. I thank you for all of your pawsitivity! Now home with Layla and all these meds, I’m thinking ahead. Hoe do I know if she’s in pain? I’m also wondering what are the determining factors to consider rehab. She’s not a “working dog” but I want her to feel purpose. Or would she rehab based only on how well (or not) recovery goes? What does travel look like with my new Tri-pawd? Since SHE has an obvious disability, can she now ride ON a plane in the seat next to me if I purchase it? Just some almost midnight wonderings! Thanks again for your support!

  2. Hey there I just saw your comment. Consider posting questions in the Forums so we can help you faster OK? I check forums throughout the day but blogs only about 1x a day.

    Here’s our best blog posts about pain signals:

    And this article may help more right now during recovery:

    Yes she can have lots of purpose in life after recovery! She can be a therapy dog, or a nosework expert, or a trick dog! The options are really only limited by the time you have available to spend with her.

    Rehab is soooo helpful! Please do take advantage of our program so you can learn how to help her stay strong and injury free:

    LOL great idea about the plane ticket! Pretty sure that’s not gonna fly with the airlines but hey could be worth a try 🙂

    Keep us posted OK? We are cheering you on!

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