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Learning from the Road

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Layla continues to thrive as a new tripawd. She still has strength, energy, appetite and love! We have traveled to Arizona. A few weeks before heading south, my daughter suggested we get the dogs used to boots. Excellent advice! Being so concerned that most of Layla’s weight is carried on her single front leg and then taking her onto the grounds (which I’ve been told is about 150 f to the touch) is just irresponsible and unacceptable.

I was concerned about stopping at our favorite dog park in Albuquerque, especially on a weekend day. We stopped, and it was unusually not crowded. To my surprise, after 15-20 minutes, Layla ran to the gate to let us know that she was done. Usually, it’s like trying to get a small child to leave the best amusement park ever! We typically are there up to an hour. The dogs all wanted to play. I’ve found that people are either very interested in WHY your pet is a tripawd or they are judgemental…something I’ve been very used, having a son who was born with a club foot- in a cast for most of his first 2 years. Now he is a resilient adult because of it!

The desert Layla tripawd dogheat has definitely made her more tired. She got out the front door last week and I’m so thankful she didn’t head to the really busy road!We got her back safe right away after a short run.

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One thought on “Learning from the Road”

  1. Layyyyyyla! Good to see you gorgeous! Sounds like you are having quite the summer adventures out there. Stay cool OK?

    By the way YES it was super smart to get her acclimated to boots to protect her paws. Sounds like she took to them OK?

    I read that if you put the back of your hand on asphalt and it feels too hot, then it’s too hot for your dog’s feet. I’ve been testing it daily now that we are under a heat watch out here in Oregon.

    Keep us posted on your adventures!

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